09/01/2018-A Personal Note to John McCain-Reprinted from 07/20/2015

In late spring and early summer 2015 our current President, then a candidate, made what I thought were uncalled for remarks about John McCain. I posted my thoughts here on the matter on July 20, 2015. My thoughts of that time seem appropriate for an additional posting, and so I will see to it they are posted:

Mr. McCain: I think it an appropriate time to post a note in your behalf.

You’re more than an OK guy to me and lots of other Americans. Thank you for your dedicated, selfless and continual service to and for America and its people.

W. Lincoln Wagenhals 07/20/2015, and posted again on 09/01/2018

Added on 09/03/2018:Last line on McCain article in The New York Times on 09/02/2018 about the services for McCain in The National Cathedral in Washington:
“Here is the sailor,” Stevenson wrote, “home from the sea.”

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