08/25/2018-Trump, Cohen, Manafort and Atty Gen Sessions

I think those in the US Govt court and justice system are there to see that the laws are enforced, and they are to work toward that end. The buck stops with President Trump, really the top law enforcement official of the US.

Cohen cooperated with the Justice Department and informed it of the facts and confessed to a crime of violating laws relating to the campaign. Trump doesn’t laud Cohen for this as he should. Rather Trump talks like a Mafia don and vilifies Cohen for his cooperation.

President Trump also, contrary to the carrying out the duties of his office, lauds Manafort for his resistance and non-cooperation with the Justice Department. Again, did we elect a President or a Mafia don?

I like the way Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, has finally let his patience run its course. He is standing his ground and responding appropriately to Trump’s inappropriate remarks about Attorney General Sessions and his service.

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