12/15/2017 – NY Sen Gillibrand – Disregard of Playground Wisdom

The Republicans are completely silent on President Trump and his twitter comments about New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  However, those comments deserve some type of reprimand, if not quite a bit more, and so I will weigh in and send the President my thoughts; and at the same time, pass on some of my views to Senator Gillibrand.

Mr. President: Your thoughts and comments were completely off-base.  Almost no person, especially a woman who happens also to be serving this country as a Senator, should ever be talked to or about as you talked in your twitter message.  How can you ever unite this country, and bring it together as you occasionally profess you “are all about,” when you use the language and innuendo that you did in your message?  My assessment is your message was inexcusable and intolerable.

As to Senator Gillibrand, she immediately and correctly responded by striking back.  She has learned that the old playground saying, and purported wisdom, of “sticks and stones break your bones, but names never hurt you,” is nonsense and should and must be disregarded.

Name-calling and insulting language is the weapon of the bully and is quite harmful, and must be appropriately countered as the Senator did.  She is to be commended for her rejoinder.  Senator Gillibrand should keep up the good work if the bully tries more name-calling or another type of assault.

an original mailed to Senator Gillibrand and one cc to President Donald Trump




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