04/18/2017 – Sergio Gets His Message

One of the historic TV views on the golf scene occurred many years ago when Sergio Garcia was playing Tiger Woods – I don’t recall the tournament involved. However, Sergio was in an almost impossible position and situation, but hit a miraculous shot and came running out from behind a tree – and did a grand athletic scissor kick along his way back to the fairway. That shot and image has lasted since in my mind as it has in the minds of many fans.

Looking back, Sergio acted then like he had “gotten his message.” His subsequent golfing and personal skills seemed not to bear that out – as the article in Sports Illustrated on the Masters mentioned that since, even with some excellent golf along the way, Sergio has had a “petulance” about him.

However, favorable and good lightning again struck Sergio in that recent Masters when the chips were down, the demons were lurking, but somehow he held things together.  He made some more miraculous shots under that Masters pressure and won in a play-off with Justin Rose.

The article I mentioned had a quote from Sergio to the effect “that perhaps he might now go from one of the best golfers not to have won a Major, to one of the best golfers to have won only one Major.”  He was quoted in that article to the effect “that he could live with that.”

I saw Sergio on CBS sometime last week.  He was relaxed like he had “gotten his message.”  By his smile, his composure, his demeanor and bearing, I think he had – hope so, great for him and the golfing world.



    1. Paul: Thanks for an even more memorable flick, and a filming of the greatest shot ever made in golf. Sergio’s scissor cross and photo of his exuberance are forever seared into the memory, but Tiger’s still has to rank way ahead of anything accomplished in sport.

      Good hearing from you. WLW

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