06/29/2015 – Join in the Celebration

Many businesses often have some days of operation behind them before they have a formal Opening Day celebration. Like those businesses, I’ve written a couple earlier pieces and they are on this website.
But like those Opening Day celebrations, I have this celebration and formal opening of this website as today June 29, 2015, is my 81st birthday. My initial aim is to post and publish Monday through Friday of each week.
This Country continues to move along the path of disclosure: nutritional values on foods and labels, monies paid and received by politicians, and in various other regards. Seems to me a reasonable step. I follow that lead.
My name is Walter Lincoln Wagenhals. I use here “W. Lincoln Wagenhals” to recognize family heritage and honor the man, Lincoln Abraham Wagenhals, from whom I received my middle name. I also prefer using “Lincoln” as I do now.
I’ve had a good education – University of Washington in Seattle and law school at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I’ve been in the military – served three years. I’ve worked all my life, including practicing law in Colorado until I retired in 1998 and moved to Monterey, California. I like to read, write, communicate, and keep up with things. And this continuing tech revolution leaves me in awe.
I’m 81. I know America loves youth and in general pays little attention to its “elderly.”
I’m older now and have something to say. I think the odds are more with me now than when I was younger to have things more meaningful, and probably “right on,” more often than when younger. Thus, I suggest you read on and read often.
Sophocles expressed it centuries ago: “There’s no man that loves life like the old man.” I think I can capture and communicate some of the beauty and wonder that he felt and expressed in that quotation. I have many other worthwhile comments to share and interesting stories to tell.
I’m confident I’ll be writing things that might well add to your upcoming years. Let me assure you, if your good fortune continues to hold, you’ll be old and 80+ all too soon, just like me.
Life and this great Country have been good to me – hence the use of the “High Five.” Those hands are of different colors, and represent the diversity in our people.
The following underlie the spirit, basic tone, and wonder I’ll express in the blogs I will post here:
• To live is so startling it leaves time for little else. (Dickinson)
• What a miserable thing life is: you’re living in clover, only the clover isn’t good enough. (Brecht)
• I enjoy writing and trying to keep the words to a minimum – one-liners, a paragraph, a page at most – I mention Mark Twain and his line: “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”
• It is better to wear out than rust out. (Cumberland)
• The Pulitzer Prize is awarded to one for what’s said in writing, not for silence, nor for what one keeps to himself or herself. (W. Lincoln Wagenhals)
Winston Churchill offers another thought behind this website/blog: “Words are the only things that last forever.” Will anything I post “last forever”? Only time will tell.


  1. a warm and joyous Happy Birthday to you, Walter (Lincoln). We hope you have a very very happy day (such a beauty it is today, too) celebrating with your lovely Pat. Eat cake! Relax! Enjoy yourself! Be Happy! We are so lucky to have you as a neighbor. I look forward to reading your blog and words of wisdom (of which there are many –all nicely phrased). Keep writing. With the best of wishes, Stephanie and Dan

  2. Walter, Happy Birthday! I hope that it brings you Many Happy Returns. I enjoy your vitality and perspective and look forward to your future observations. I always remember your comment that “All Facts are Friendly”. I use that to temper my own observations. Enjoy the day and beyond.
    Your Friend,
    Will Riegel

  3. Hey Walter!
    So good to read your blogs…but(!)…
    how about the gals soccer team?, Pluto?, Misty Copeland? and Pete Rose?!?
    Can’t wait to read “your take”!
    Debby and Alice

  4. Hi Mr. Wagenhals,

    I purchased something recently that I believe may have belonged to your great uncle, Lincoln Abraham Wagenhals. It’s inscribed with his name and the name of your great aunt, Caroline Louise Francis. If you’d like to contact me, I can share some photographs of it.

    Loved reading your blog!

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