The election results were no strong endorsement of the Republicans, but rather expressed voter disenchantment with the current Government, President, Senate, and House. The People are fed up with gridlock and want Government like that of yore when it dealt with and solved problems.

Then big money came onto the scene. The focus shifted from Government solving problems to the power of holding the office and handing out its spoils to the few and the favored. The problems have arisen and been the fault of the political atmosphere and all parties involved in the making of it, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, and Libertarians. The amount spent on campaigns and elections have grown in leaps and bounds.

Government became a game of winning office through expensive advertising. The advertising relied upon “political finger-pointing,” i.e., problems would not be solved, but rather the other party would be blamed for the failures in their not being solved. The party pointing the finger would imply to the voters to wait until the next election and this party, with its infallible principles joined by its attitude of no compromise(s), will solve the problem(s). Unfortunately, both Parties fail to compromise and come together and solve problems. Pointing the fingers and assessing blame is a failed game and amounts in effect to colluding in procrastination. Procrastination does not solve problems. Thus our gridlock.

To assert no compromise(s), and let’s delay until a certain party comes along and bestows the solution of the problem upon America, is absurd and makes no sense. There’s not an individual, family, group or any organization in this Country, where the art of compromise isn’t the backbone of getting things done and making things work.

First, if there’s a problem today, it only makes sense to solve it forthwith. Otherwise the problem festers and becomes worse and more expensive to solve the longer there’s delay in solving it. Additionally, the problem and the principles of those solving it will have changed by the date to which the solution has supposedly been postponed, and the problem most likely will have morphed into a new and different problem.

The People spoke the following message to Government and the holders of all the offices, regardless of party: forget the gridlock, solve problems, make things work, and in doing so, learn the art of compromise and come up with creative and win-win solutions. America and its People, and all its parties, win when Government works right!

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